Beyond Filling the Gap

Jul 25, 2023

A midsize law firm with a broad practice was looking for a new CMO. That’s not a quick process, and the firm needed someone who could keep their marketing machine running in the meantime. The legal recruiter they were using heard about our fill-the-gap service and introduced CMO2Go to the firm.

We were hired to make sure their content creation, email newsletters, social media, and website updates continued. But we were able to do much more.

We started by providing them with an expert legal marketing professional who would become an integral part of that law firm’s marketing team for just as long as they needed her. She came with a team able to handle the technical aspects of posting and distributing the content using their already-existing Hubspot software.

Once the firm’s lawyers realized the depth and breadth of our seasoned professional’s expertise, they started talking with her about other marketing ideas and approaches. That’s how we went from maintaining the firm’s marketing to expanding it.

Once the new CMO was hired, the CMO2Go team didn’t leave right away. We worked with the CMO to make sure that the onboarding process went smoothly, setting them up for future success.

With over two decades of experience working with Am Law 100 and 200 firms like Sidley, Kaye Scholer and Arent Fox, our team is capable of more than just filling a gap. We build a bridge between what you had and where you’re going next.

Want to make it easier to keep your law firm’s marketing machine running when someone leaves? Connect with us.