Our outsourced
CMO and marketing department services take the guesswork out of your law firm’s marketing efforts.

Marketing Can Be Both Strategic and Fun

Marketing is like a jigsaw puzzle. You need an effective strategy for putting the pieces together to create a complete marketing picture.

Even law firms that already engage in marketing often don’t know exactly what strategies will take their marketing to the next level.

And that’s ok. We’ve helped many firms find realistic, modern approaches including developing new business with existing clients, creating marketing plans for firms and lawyers documenting your shiny new content creation and promotion strategies.

With over 25 years’ experience crafting effective marketing plans for Am Law 100 and 200 firms like Sidley, Kaye Scholer and Arent Fox, we can quickly determine what you need and make it happen.

Who We Help

We help law firms ranging from a dozen attorneys to hundreds. But our approach is anything but one size fits all. Different firms may need to solve different-sized challenges. We’ll design a custom solution that fills in the missing pieces of your marketing strategy. And we’ll continue collaborating with you on that strategy for exactly as long as you need our help

When We Help

Do any of these sound like your firm?
  • The marketing pieces you’ve put together aren’t getting the results you need.
  • You have a lot of marketing to do but not enough experienced hands on deck.
  • You lack the resources to take your marketing beyond newsletters and social media posts.
  • Essential marketing staff have left, creating an urgent need to find experienced support to fill the gap.
“Erika is our execution guru. She kept us focused throughout the implementation process so everything would be completed by our deadline. Everything launched on time and on budget.”
– David Simon, Managing Partner, Hollis Laidlaw & Simon P.C.

How We Help

We offer two major types of outsourced CMO and marketing services:

Our strategic planning sessions are the umbrella for your brainstorm. We’ll figure out how your marketing pieces should fit together and which crucial pieces are missing from the box.



Whether you have to fill a staffing gap, need more hands on deck or want to stress test a new team, we’ve got you covered.

Together, we’ll figure out which of these solutions will help your firm. Whatever pieces are missing, we’ll pull together a team that completes the puzzle – for only as long as you need us.

Consider us your strategic guide to solving your marketing challenges once and for all!

Strategic Planning

Are you wasting time and money investing in marketing that’s not getting you more work with right-fit clients? We’ll figure out how your marketing pieces should fit together and which crucial pieces are missing from the box.

We recommend most firms start with a strategic planning session.

The Umbrella for Your Brainstorm

We’ll begin with a strategic, interactive and fun planning session with your internal team to brainstorm your mission, marketing objectives and goals.

And yes, we used the words fun, strategic and planning all in the same sentence.

Believe it or not, in a few hours we’ll get you so enthusiastic about marketing that the time will fly by and no one will fall asleep. We promise.

At the end of that meeting, we’ll prioritize and focus on 3-5 projects that will move you forward.

Some priority projects we’ve identified in strategic planning sessions include:

  • Marketing for firm milestones like a name change or anniversary
  • Business development strategies
  • Rebranding
  • Updating the website
  • Marketing plans for associates

We’ll determine what you need, set a timeline and metrics and ensure that your customized plan moves you forward strategically.

Expert Marketing Support

When You Need to Keep Your Marketing Machine Running

Imagine everything’s going smoothly with your firm’s crucial marketing processes and major projects when suddenly, a pivotal team member leaves. Temp agencies don’t have anyone qualified to fill the gap and you don’t want to rush the hiring process for a crucial role. You’re stuck!

We have the solution.

We’ve helped many law firms in a bind, providing expert, appropriate legal marketing help to keep the marketing machine running no matter what the role. Your client pitches, marketing collateral and content pipeline run smoothly while you take the time you need to find a permanent solution.

When You Need More Hands On Deck

Some law firms we’ve worked with have a marketing department of one or two people or even have their lawyers handling marketing duties. But tasks like creating and effectively distributing content or managing your website vendor are sometimes too much for a small or ad hoc department to handle. We can be your extra set of hands, integrating seamlessly into your team, energizing the department and getting your marketing running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

When You Need to Stress Test A New Team

Maybe you’re a small to mid-sized law firm considering hiring marketing staff. We’ve seen how risky it can be to invest in a fully-staffed marketing department – even a department of one – without first assessing and testing a few approaches. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could experiment with a team marketing approach to see if it works for you before committing to it?
Our outsourced marketing department can collaborate on a marketing stress test to discover the approaches and roles that most benefit your growth.

We can help you design a marketing stress test that helps you find the best approaches to speed your growth.

After all, you didn’t start your firm so you could focus on your marketing. You started it so you can focus on your clients. And that’s why we started a marketing firm that focuses on lawyers!

Want the details? See how we’ve helped other firms here:

Case Study:
Tannenbaum Helpern needed to keep their marketing machine rolling while they looked for a new CMBDO.

Case Study:
Davidoff Hutcher & Citron needed help to expand the capacity of their one-person marketing department.

Case Study

Tannenbaum Helpern needed to keep their marketing machine rolling while they looked for a new CMBDO.
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Case Study

Davidoff Hutcher & Citron needed help to expand the capacity of their one-person marketing department.
Read how we did it

What Happens Next?

We’ll start with an initial complimentary consultation call so we can ask questions and learn about your challenges. We’ll see what pieces you have and what is and isn’t working, explore your goals and discuss your budget. Then, we’ll decide together if it’s a good fit and determine the best next steps.