Common Goals and Fireworks

Jul 5, 2023

We just celebrated Independence Day, but instead of talking about the rocket’s red glare and Paul Revere’s ride, let’s talk about a less-discussed aspect of the revolution: being aligned with a common goal.

We once shared a story about how a very successful strategic planning meeting with a law firm client led to a separate session to help their associates work on their individual plans. And Drew Neisser of CMO Huddles asked a great question about that story – “Do all the individual marketing plans align under one purpose?”

Yes – they absolutely do.

At the beginning of their session, we listed the strategic goals we’d agreed on in the firm’s strategy session on the whiteboard. And every time a lawyer offered an idea or an approach, we asked, which of the firm’s goals does this align with?

If the answer was “none,” well, that wasn’t going to work.

Everything a lawyer does in their marketing needs to align with the firm’s marketing in order to maintain clear, focused messaging.

That was also true of America’s Founding Fathers, who had a common goal of ending their subservience to King George III. When some revolutionaries suggested that George Washington’s qualities as a popular and effective general meant he would make a good American king, Washington said no. It wasn’t aligned with the common goal of escaping rule by monarchy.

America wanted something that offered more freedom. And Washington wisely knew that becoming President was better aligned with that goal than being a king. Aligned strategy is what made us the nation we are today.

While we can’t help you found a new nation, we can help you create a law firm marketing strategy that aligns toward a common goal.

Reach out and let’s get started on yours today.