How Does a Fractional Solution Help My Firm?

Jun 21, 2024

Can a midsize law firm benefit from Big Law-sized expertise – without a Big Law-sized budget?

The American Lawyer quoted our founder, Erika Steinberg, in a June 20 article about the benefits fractional CMOs bring to small and midsize law firms. The article, “With ‘Fractional’ C-Suite Advisers, Midsize Firms Balance Expertise With Expense,” details how fractional CMOs who are industry veterans with Big Law expertise can be a tremendous, cost-effective resource for mid-sized law firms.

“You get the benefit of decades of experience, but you don’t have to pay that full-time salary,” Erika said. “When I think about agencies and consultants, in my opinion a lot of them are more geared to the big firms like those in the AmLaw 100…I see other fractional services providers focused on the smaller to midsize firms.”

The article also emphasizes the hands-on, integrated approach of fractional CMOs, including our flexible approach to working with clients.

“We’re trying to create an environment where [we address] whatever [a firm] needs, even for a short period of time. They’re not signing a contract with me to work with me for the next few months. We ask, ‘What do you need in this moment for this project?’ and when we’re done we’re done,” she continued. “I wanted to cater to smaller firms and wanted it to be incredibly, incredibly flexible.”

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