Know Your Audience

Nov 14, 2023

As a law firm marketer, how do you engage with different audiences in different markets?

Erika Steinberg, CMO2Go founder, recalled one of the AmLaw 100 firms where she worked. The firm has many different geographic locations and each location has a very different audience.

One location has an audience of clients who live in the city and in the metropolitan area surrounding it. They would be more likely to come to a client event held right after work that allowed them to unwind. That’s why the firm invited them to attend a beautifully catered cocktail hour at their space filled with a noteworthy fine art collection.

At another office, their audience is quite different. Their clients include parents who take their kids to sporting activities. So the firm purchased billboards at the local Little League fields and met with their clients at kids’ softball or baseball games.

In yet another office, their clients are families who integrate their kids into every aspect of their lives, including business development. The firm hosted a special advance movie screening and hosted Halloween parties for the kids at their offices.

One firm – three very different audiences.

Do you know who your different audiences are and how to interact with them? Let’s talk about it.