Law Firm Marketing Trends for 2024 – Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to Your Clients

Jan 23, 2024

Does the idea of asking for feedback from your law firm’s clients sound like about as much fun as going to the dentist?

You aren’t alone. It can be scary to ask clients for feedback – because you might get information that the client isn’t happy.

But client retention is so important for law firms, especially right now. So if you don’t ask – it’s risky.

We’re of the mind that it’s better to ask early and often – and face the truth before the client is already headed for the door. Asking clients for feedback doesn’t have to be formal. There are ways that are both less scary and more effective.

It can be so powerful to say to a client, “Let’s grab lunch/dinner/coffee. I’d like to hear more about what’s going on for you/your company so I can help more.” If you discover that you’re not quite there yet in understanding their needs – offer the opportunity to course correct.

And, instead of saying “how can we improve,” ask “what can we do differently?” Most people don’t want to be critical and answer, “this is what you’re doing wrong” – but most people are happy to offer helpful and constructive advice if asked. And that advice can help you course correct.

If you’re not comfortable asking your clients directly – you can always hire a third party to do it for you. Perhaps that’s someone in marketing who can gather information for you and report back. You may get better intel if you use a neutral third party than asking them yourself.

Does the idea of having to ask clients for feedback scare you? Let’s talk about it.