Speak to Your Associates More Frequently Than Once a Year

Feb 8, 2024

Vault has launched their 2024 associates survey – it’s time to get those responses in! And it’s a good time of year for your law firm to look more deeply into an important piece of your marketing puzzle – your firm’s internal marketing practices. 

The Vault survey is a time of year when many firms woo their associates with lunches, gifts and cookies as encouragement to complete it. And as a huge cookie fan myself, it’s hard to argue with a gift from Levain Bakery. But if this is the only time of year when you’re communicating with your associates, saying “Enjoy these cookies, and please complete the survey right now!” could appear transactional. 

Ideally, you’d communicate with your associates at all times of the year and not just wait for the Vault survey to come around. Actually, this goes for all internal communication – with lawyers and staff alike.

Some best marketing practices for communicating with your internal stakeholder groups could include:

🧩 Making sure that associates and staff are part of firm committees where appropriate, 

🧩 Recognizing firm affinity groups beyond one LinkedIn post during a designated month, 

🧩 Holding special events or trainings that include everyone – like the vision-boarding workshop one firm I’m familiar with has done,

🧩 Acknowledging and celebrating the out-of-office activities that firm employees participate in – for example, a group that ran a marathon together, or a band formed by some of your more musically-inclined members.

You don’t have to do every single one of these activities. But doing some throughout the year could go a long way towards helping your firm shine during the Vault survey.

How do you get feedback from your associates throughout the year? If you need some creative ideas, reach out to us.